From a young age, I committed to creating a good change in my community by integrating biodiversity conservation, community health, agriculture, entrepreneurship, climate protection, and sustainable development in Rwanda. Named Top Young Innovator of Rwanda, 2012, I founded and serve as President of BIOCOOP. I have worked in The Nature Conservancy ( as a short term Consultant and I am the founding member and Vice President of Kuzamura Ubuzima, an NGO working in health, nutrition, and agriculture operating in Butare Referral Hospital (kazumuraubuzima).

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BIOCOOP is a Social Enterprise composed by people committed in biodiversity conservation, Ecotourism Promotion, hygiene and sanitation, community health, and environmental management and protection for sustainable development.

We have 4 Departments of Actions:

Department of Community Health
Department of Capacity Building
Department of Biodiversity Conservation, Environmental Management and Ecotourism Development
Department of Agriculture and Livestock Promotion


Contribute to the development of Rwanda to the level of intermediate developed country using our resources and skills


Build a Nation, Environ-Socio - Economically stable through our skills and our Resources


  1. About 200 youth have got temporary jobs from our projects.
  2. We have organized campaigns on hygiene and sanitation in Cyanika Sector
  3. We have initiated more than 3 clubs related to our departments.
  4. Many schools were greened and people got part time job opportunities.
  5. Credit and Saving Culture sensitization resulted in opening bank accounts to all our members.
  6. Training in ICT for more than 80 youth trainees.
  7. In partnership with MF Umutanguha, 57 youth were trained on financial education, entrepreneurship, business development, and projects management
  8. We made an exemplary tree nursery in Kitabi sector.
  9. Training on ecotourism
  10. Removing exotic plant species in Nyungwe National Park
  11. In partnership with World Vision and Nyamagabe District, we initiated a project of Tare Milk Collection Center Management.
  12. Sensitization of interesting youth to interact with East African Community
  13. We sensitized the people around Nyungwe National Park to participate in Biodiversity Conservation.
  14. In Gasarenda Centre, our members started an Agrivet Services Centre and is now helping themselves and the Community
  15. Some of our members have done consultancies in different NGOs like ICRAF, WCS, IFDC etc.
  16. Campaign on public health and epidemiology
  17. Provide part time jobs to over 800 people

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Nyamagabe District,
Southern Province - Rwanda

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