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BIOCOOP is a Social Enterprise composed by people committed in biodiversity conservation, Ecotourism Promotion, hygiene and sanitation, community health, and environmental management and protection for sustainable development.


Contribute to the development of Rwanda to the level of intermediate developed country using our resources and skills


Build a Nation, Environ-Socio - Economically stable through our skills and our Resources


  1. Increasing the livelihoods of community and put them at the good standards of physical and financial capacity
  2. Promoting Ecotourism around Nyungwe National Park
  3. Unemployment alleviation in youth and women by job creation and entrepreneurship development
  4. Enhance youth involvement in the implementation of our country priority programs.
  5. Promoting integrated biodiversity conservation and development
  6. Integrating Biodiversity Conservation and Health for the sustainable social welfare


  1. About 200 youth have got temporary jobs from our projects.
  2. We have organized campaigns on hygiene and sanitation in Cyanika Sector
  3. We have initiated more than 3 clubs related to our departments.
  4. Many schools were greened and people got part time job opportunities.
  5. Credit and Saving Culture sensitization resulted in opening bank accounts to all our members.
  6. Training in ICT for more than 80 youth trainees.
  7. In partnership with MF Umutanguha, 57 youth were trained on financial education, entrepreneurship, business development, and projects management
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  1. We are targeting youth and we plan to give 5,000 jobs to 5,000 young people in 5 years.
  2. We want to increase the percentage of forestry, agro forestry, and fruit trees in our region.
  3. Ecotourism Promotion
  4. Encourage horticulture
  5. One week training on environment Management and Disasters Prevention(Every year)
  6. Sensitization of people in High Risk Zone to move to the Imidugudu Settlement.
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Nyamagabe District,
Southern Province - Rwanda

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